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Digital & Technology

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Customer experience is at the core of our approach in this fast moving digital and technology landscape. Why? Because the best buyer experience wins, and those who fall behind, stay behind.

By supporting your strategic vision with our expertise and knowledge of the latest developments in the space, we’ll help you keep moving forwards – with Momentum, by BDBTM.


This is the moment the buyer begins their online journey. They have a specific requirement or a problem to solve and you are the one we want them to find for their answers. How we succeed? By understanding the complexities of both B2B businesses and the B2B buyer, what they search for and how to ensure you are front of mind in their journey.


In a world of noise, businesses are faced with the challenge of engaging their customers in innovative ways. Having ‘stand out’ and driving conversions requires campaigns with impact – messaging and visuals expertly shaped to ensure your audience are offered something they can’t resist. Our campaigns are built from the ground up; aligned with your business objectives, the whole user journey is considered, ensuring your requirements are met and exceeded at every touchpoint.


As new generations make the move towards online-only, the need for businesses to be omnipresent is crucial. How do BDB ensure your success on social media? By conducting in-depth audience research, competitor reviews and using this to identify gaps in the market to focus your messaging. Position your brand in a way your audience will understand and watch the engagement flood your feed.


In the post-GDPR landscape, brands are faced with many communication challenges. How to nurture new contacts to create customers, customers to repeat customers and reduce the churn of emails that people receive daily. BDB’s focus is to help your message cut through the inbox clutter. Your email should be the one they not only have to open but want to open. We can help you make this happen.


Technology never stops and navigating this ever-evolving landscape can be challenging. For BDB, it’s not just about making the right moves; our focus is on using technology to support your wider business goals. Technology for us is never the only answer; it is a tool to be aligned with and integrated within your strategy, to reduce silos and create increased visibility between departments and teams.


Using research, data and a healthy dose of creativity, BDB prides itself on producing memorable user experiences for both our clients and their customers. And it’s this commitment to excellence that will be your differentiator, starting with a web presence that sets you apart from the competition. Our other commitment? To know your business and target audience inside out, so we can create a web structure that adds value and user experience that really works.

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