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You might be thinking, you have no time or budget for recruitment right now. You may have seen some really talented people let go lately thanks to the pandemic. However, this is the moment when a conversation about talent in B2B is more important than ever. As we fight to adapt in times of change, we need the right team to take on the challenge. That doesn’t have to mean a recruitment drive – it matters just as much to nurture and grow the potential of talent we already have on board.

In The Talent Issue, we’re asking: what skill sets should we look for as we set about rebuilding? How should we solidify and future-proof our B2B marketing teams? And how can we empower our people to feel and achieve their best? In this issue we’ll be covering:

  • Rethinking recruitment, post-pandemic
  • Why you should invest in learning & development
  • Diversifying your team
  • Encouraging growth, for people and brand

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