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Navigating the new normal

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It goes without saying that we are all living through unprecedented times, and the way we work has, as a result, had to change and adapt. Although we definitely don’t have all the answers, we wanted to use this special edition of The Knowledge to address the challenges we, as B2B marketers face – and, drawing from our own experiences as a business, offer our thoughts on how we can best navigate these very new and unfamiliar circumstances.

As with all life’s setbacks, there exists a pocket of optimism and possibility that can be tapped into – while we work against today’s challenging backdrop, we can try to learn from our experiences and look towards the future with acceptance, knowledge and wisdom. In this issue, we take a look at the current professional landscape and offer our humble opinions on how to navigate these unprecedented times. In this issue, we cover:

  • Tackling change
  • Addressing workplace challenges
  • Developing a strategy during uncertainty
  • How you can adapt your marketing plans

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